Friday, July 15, 2022



The Kino-Lorber Spring into Summer Sale is currently going on. (Also known as the Spring into Bankruptcy Sale.) Here are the titles I picked up.

TARNISHED ANGELS (1957) Starring Rock Hudson, Robert Stack, and Dorothy Malone. Directed by Douglas Sirk.

WOMAN IN HIDING (1950) Starring Ida Lupino, Stephen McNally, and Howard Duff. Directed by Michael Gordon.

THE ENEMY BELOW (1957) Starring Robert Mitchum and Curt Jurgens. Directed by Dick Powell.

FOXFIRE (1955) Starring Jane Russell, Jeff Chandler, and Dan Duryea. Directed by Josheph Pevney.

HERCULES IN THE HAUNTED WORLD (1961) Starring Reg Park and Christopher Lee. Directed by Mario Bava.

THE HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GABLES (1940) Starring George Sanders, Margaret Lindsay, and Vincent Price. Directed by Joe May. 

DAY OF THE OUTLAW (1959) Starring Robert Ryan, Burl Ives, and Tina Louise. Directed by Andre de Toth.

THE WEB (1947) Starring Ella Raines, Edmund O'Brien, William Bendix, and Vincent Price. Directed by Michael Gordon.

DOWNTOWN 81 (2000) Starring Jean-Michel Basquiat and Debbie Harry. Directed by Edo Bertoglio.

BLANK CITY (2010) Starring Jim Jarmusch, Debbie Harry, John Lurie, and Amos Poe. Directed by Celine Danhier.

THE BLUE ANGEL (1930) Starring Marlene Dietrich and Emil Jannings. Directed by Josef von Sternberg.

ME, NATALIE (1969) Starring Patty Duke and James Farentino. Directed by Fred Coe.

KISS THE BLOOD OFF MY HANDS (1948) Starring Joan Fontaine and Burt Lancaster. Directed by Norman Foster.

NOW AND FOREVER (1934) Starring Gary Cooper, Carole Lombard, and Shirley Temple. Directed by Henry Hathaway.

THE MESSENGER (2015) Starring Erin Byne. Directed by Su Rynard.

THE SPECIALISTS (1969) Starring Johnny Halladay. Directed by Sergio Corbucci.

COBRA WOMAN (1944) Starring Maria Montez, Jon Hall, and Sabu. Directed by Robert Siodmak.

JAZZ ON A SUMMER'S DAY (1958) Starring Gerry Mulligan, Mahalia Jackson, Anita O'Day, and Thelonius Monk. Directed by Bert Stern and Aram Avakian.

GRANDVIEW USA (1984) Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, C. Thomas Howell, and Patrick Swayze. Directed by Randal Kleiser.

EASY LIVING (1937) Starring Jean Arthur, Edward Arnold, and Ray Milland. directed by Mitchell Leisen.

HORIZONS WEST (1952) Starring Robert Ryan, Julia Adams, and Rock Hudson. Directed by Budd Boetticher.

THE LODGER (1944) Starring Merle Oberon, George Sanders, and Laird Cregar. Directed by John Brahm.

JAMAICA INN (1939) Starring Charles Laughton and Maureen O'Hara. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH (1941) Starring Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard. Directed by Elliot Nugent.

THE RAGING TIDE (1951) Starring Shelley Winters, Richard Conte, Stephen McNally, Charles Bickford, and Alex Nicol. Directed by George Sherman.

JOHNNY STOOL PIGEON (1949) Starring Howard Duff, Shelley Winters, and Dan Duryea. Directed by William Castle.

SINGAPORE (1947) Starring Fred MacMurray and Ava Gardner. Directed by John Brahm.

LONELY ARE THE BRAVE (1962) Starring Kirk Douglas, Gena Rowlands, and Walter Matthau. Directed by David Miller.

CHRISTMAS IN JULY (1940) Starring Dick Powell and Ellen Drew. Directed by Preston Sturges.

THE EUROPEANS (1979) Starring Lee Remick. Directed by James Ivory.

MIRAGE (1965) Starring Gregory Peck, Diane Baker, and Walter Matthau. Directed by Edward Dmytryk.

SHAKEDOWN (1950) Starring Howard Duff, Peggy Dow, and Brian Donlevy. Directed by Joseph Pevney.

THE GROUP (1966) Starring Shirley Knight, Joanna Pettet, Joan Hackett, Jessica Walter, Candice Bergen, Larry Hagman, James Broderick, and Elizabeth Hartman. Directed by Sidney Lumet.

COMPULSION (1959) Starring Orson Welles, Dean Stockwell, Bradford Dillman, and Diane Varsi. Directed by Richard Fleischer.


  1. I have a number of these've got plenty of things to watch now.

    1. Knowing me, I'll probably keep re-watching old favorites instead of digging into these new ones!

  2. Great diverse haul, Mike. I have a bunch of them. Surprises for me were The Day of the Outlaw with a terrific Robert Ryan performance and The Group which has many young performers in unusual (for them) roles. Easy Living has one of my favorite Jean Arthur performances and being a Douglas Sirk fan I’ve seen The Tarnished Angels many, many times. B/W Cinemascope, you can’t beat it. Enjoy !!

  3. Another package arrived today from Kino-Lorber: six Carole Lombard films and three Deanna Durbin films. AND the DVD of The Champagne Murders with Tony Perkins. I had ordered the Blu-ray, but they were sold out. So, I ordered the DVD. Finally I get to check out Chabrol!